Ghost busted?


It’s that time again when the Ghostbusters announcements start flying but will this time be any different from the last? When the Ghostbusters game had first been announced last year it was seen as an instant success and quickly labeled as one of the most anticipated games. This was helped by finding out the games script was written by the original cast members of the hit movies, who would also voice their characters in game. If you back that with the game being made by vivendi games and backed by gaming giants Activision, it all looked set to be a game to remember rather than another movie license game with little gaming quality.

However that roar of premature success and congratulations was short lived as the games release date was postponed. Then once Activision and Blizzard combined they dropped the Ghostbusters game from their list of releases to make space for other games in their schedule. As did blizzard, however this left the once golden child of Activision homeless. It was believed that the game was now a finished article and only had to find a publisher, this is when the old time giants we all know as Atari decided to step in.

Atari took Ghostbusters under their wing after a long decision process, a game with this much hype was always set to be finished the only question was who would have the honors. It’s no secret that once the game was known to be without a publisher calls were coming from everywhere to seal the deal. Now the game is set to be released again and despite it’s previous set backs and long anxious wait it seems to have retained it’s anticipation. Teaser clips have shown the game to have astounding graphics and interesting game play as well as the original humour of the movies which helped us fall in love with the franchise to begin with.

To further enhance the gaming experience players will play as a new recruit to the ghost busting team. So rather than taking over the characters you will have your own character to interact with them all making you feel more like you just entered the Ghostbusters world rather than just playing it. The games new date has been set for June so all we can do now is sit with crossed fingers and hope that it makes it to the date without any more hiccups and that when it is released the game delivers something worth the excruciating wait.


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