Mass Effect the Second Coming!


Mass Effect was an Xbox original RPG that attracted millions of followers after its initial release, it’s no secret that the game was set out to be a trilogy and after the block busting success of the first millions are eagerly awaiting the second. The good news is that Bioware have announced that the next installment should be released early in 2010. The question on everyone’s mind however is will the next chapter of the trilogy be worth the wait or will it be something that will detract from the quality and originality of the first game? Bioware released a gripping story line and deeply detailed and intricate storyline. This was backed up by extensive side missions and secrets placed throughout the galaxy. It looks like Bioware are set to start the next with the same feeling. A recent teaser trailer released on the internet will be sure to get the fans excited as well as keeping them asking what has happened?

The first game was pioneering in many ways and will have to up its game in many aspects to keep the second interesting and unique like the first. This should be no problem for Bioware however who have been more than open in receiving feedback from it’s desperately awaiting fans. Fans have criticized many aspects of their much loved games including length of main story and unimaginative planet landscapes. Bioware have mentioned the comments have been taken on board but aren’t giving anything away as to what they plan to change. There are already many rumors circulating about the second and it’s new aspects and functions. The most anticipated is the idea you can take the character created, as well as the story you led, into the second game. This aspect alone would be a ground breaking new approach to gaming in itself.

The idea of creating a character and forging your own story is often what attracts most to playing an RPG, however Bioware’s idea of having this character, and story, transferable to the next chapter is astonishing. This means not only would someone be able to play the game their own way but they would be able to play the entire series with their own path and story. This means that instead of someone enjoying a game their own way they could enjoy an entire series their own way with their own personal character. Bioware have set the bar high with the first installment of Mass Effect and seem set to do the same with the second, but will the risks pay off or are Bioware setting up their trilogy to fail like the silicon knights nightmare of Too Human?


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